Araellia the Relentless

"........" Looks off into the distance. Flashes a brief inward smile. Walks away.


As told by the bard, Tamorlin:

And that brings us to Arraellia the Relentless. Now, I know, she’s not the most talkative of the group, and she is just as likely to spend time up in a tree as she is down here among us mere mortals, but I have to say, folks, when things start to go bad I want Arraellia on my side. Her weapon of choice is the bow, and she is just about as deadly as they come. Quicker than the eye can see she can have two arrows in flight, winging their way with deadly accuracy. (Slaps hand hard on the table twice in quick succession) Just like that, one in the eye one in the throat and another arrow ready on the string. You could say it is easy to overlook this quiet, determined elf, but that’s just the way she likes it, as she stealthily moves into a better position to hit you with another double dose of her deadly elf shot.

What the players know:

Araellia has revealed that she is on a quest to rescue her sister from a forced marriage arranged by a mysterious evil Man in Black Armor that came to her elven community, and under threat of war with Thay, exhorted the community, demanding tribute in gold, a ‘peace treaty’ and Araellia’s sister (who was wed to a pro-Thayan noble).

Araellia managed an impossible bow shot and from a great distance put an arrow in the left eye of the Man in Black Armor’s helmet as he was leaving Araellia’s community, sister in tow. For a brief moment Araellia thought she had saved her sister until the Man in Black Armor removed the arrow, laughing loudly.

Araellia can communicate with her sister through two pins that had belonged to her mother (deceased) and father. On the night before her sister departed their father gave each one of the pins. Using the pin allows Araellia and her sister to communicate, albeit slowly, through birds.

Araellia’s is determined to master the ways of her Ranger craft, relentless in her goal to free her sister and face down the Man in Black Armor. The next time she meets him she’ll make sure she puts him down for good.

Araellia the Relentless

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