Brother Hammond

"May the blessings of Amaun.. I'm sorry, is that mead? Oh, don't mind if I do. Thank you! I use to make mead. It's the bees, you see.."


As told by the bard, Tamorlin:

Brother Hammond, the cleric of the Unstoppable Goblin Stoppers is something else all together. I’ve never seen more contradictions and surprises in one person. When you think of adventurers and heroes, you think of someone who is young and fit and strong. Brother Hammond, however, is none of those things. He’s as old as my father, as big a round as the fighter is tall, and gets winded walking up stairs. When you think of clerics out facing the dangerous wilds, priests of Tempus, or Torm, or even Selune come to mind, but Amaunator? And even in this your assumptions might be wrong. Clerics of Amaunator are known for being moneylenders and merchant blessers, but Brother Hammond is an old fashion sun worshipper and proud to be so.

But there is a strength in Brother Hammond that is easy to overlook, and you would be mistaken in doing so. Underneath that flabby exterior is an iron will that would give the most battle hardened warrior pause. And he’s unflappable, I mean, it’s impossible to get under this guy’s skin, whether he’s sitting over a cup of good mead or starring down some undead monstrosity, it’s the same cheerful Brother Hammond starring back at you. So that made me ask myself, what would make an out of shape, aging cleric of a god known more for blessing merchant’s coffers step into harm’s way? Treasure? Fame? No, folks, and this is what I like best about Brother Hammond, he does it because he genuinely believes in helping others. Ask anyone who’s seen Hammond in battle, when he’s not wielding his faith like a weapon against the forces of darkness, he’s healing his fellow adventurers, always leaving himself for last. Always. Take it from me, folks, Brother Hammond is the real deal and I can’t think of a better man to have backing me up in a fight.


Brother Hammond

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