Edward Summeroak

"I WANT YOU!" Individual being pointed at promptly pees their pants.


As told by the bard, Tamorlin:

When you first lay eyes on the Unstoppable Goblin Stoppers it’s hard not to notice the fighter, Edward Summeroak. He stands several hand spans taller than any man I’ve ever met, his arms are the size of a bull’s neck and the axe he so effortlessly carries weighs more than I do. And what an amazing thing it is to see Summeroak with that axe, I would never have imagined that such a massive two-bladed tool of destruction could be wielded with such grace and talent, but there’s Summeroak, making it look so easy.

The story goes that Summeroak is half-giant, which would explain his formidable strength and size, and that giant wicked axe of his. But what you might not know, or probably didn’t guess is how LOUD Summeroak can be. I’ve heard strong, capable men say in hushed whispers that the last thing they’d want to hear in battle is Edward Summeroak marking them for death. None who have been the target of Summeroak’s bellowed trademark “I WANT YOU!” have lived to tell the tale. (Not making this Bard’s job any easier, I’ll tell you that for nothing.)

Unlike some, I’m not concerned about Ed’s giant heritage. Yes, he’s huge, yes, he’s strong as an ox, and yes, he’s as deadly as they come, if not a little more so. But, see, Edward Summeroak is one of the good guys, a real hero. When all of us are running away from the latest creature to crawl out of the darkness, Ed is charging in the other direction, axe a-swingin’ and a shout at the ready. No, thanks to Summeroak and the other Unstoppables, I sleep a little better at night.


Edward Summeroak

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