Fiona Moonfire

Flighty and shallow, or confident and changed? Will the real Fiona Moonfire please stand up.


Finding an image of Lady Moonfire as she appears now has been a bit of a challenge. Obviously I will not find an exact match, though finding dark haired women in chainmail shirts that are not a) see through or b) a bikini is damn near impossible. Just sayin’. This picture shows a woman in scalemail and her forearms are covered, but I think you get the gist -and it’s a great picture. Presenting Fiona Moonfire post-whatever-happened-to-her:

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When the players first meet Fiona Moonfire, they meet a flighty, shallow young half-elf spending far more time on throwing lavish parties and buying expensive jewels than running a struggling community in the middle of a hostile wilderness. The picture of Lady Moonfire is of her during this period of her life.

While talking to Lady Moonfire, she breaks down crying and admits that her town is failing, that her brother, Felwick, use to run everything and that now that he is gone she is totally out of her depth. When the players left Lady Moonfire she was distraught, perhaps broken, and maybe on the cusp of some sort of personal change (positive or negative is hard to say and the players avoided that line of questioning like it was a giant bag of crazy)

When the players come back from clearing out the Barrow of the Ogre King they meet a fairly different Lady Moonfire. The jewels are gone, as is the fine gown, and the flighty girlish attitude. Standing before the players was a woman in a fine chainmail shirt, her only jewelry a golden circlet on her brow. On her hip was a hickory rod, polished smooth with age. Lady Moonfire was, of all things, directing the construction repairs to the city wall, and from all appearances the construction was going well .

The biggest change, the one the players, at the time of this being written, have not figured out yet are the physical changes to Lady Moonfire. Her ears were bigger, pointier. Her face was more angular and narrow. She had ‘tattoos’ on both hands and arms, starting on the back of her hand and moving up her forearms. The tattoos show a fiery moon, in various phases, hurling through the night sky . While no one sees the tattoos move, they never look the same way twice, almost as if the moons are moving across her forearms.

The shallow young woman overwhelmed with running a struggling town has been replaced with a confident woman tackling problems head-on. What happened? And did something similar happen to Captain Harrowleaf?

Fiona Moonfire

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