Kelgrath Winterborn

"I have the power of the ancient dragon, Zarrafallaxes, The Cold Death flowing through my veins! Would you like me to make some ice cubes for that?"


As told by the bard, Tamorlin:

Perhaps one of the most enigmatic members of the Unstoppable Goblin Stoppers is Kelgrath Winterborn. He stands like a fighter, tall and strong, and he’s a ruggedly handsome fellah, the sort that makes all the ladies swoon. He wields a morning star like a cleric might, but he doesn’t wear a holy symbol. He’s decked out in leather armor like a warrior but he wields magic like a mage. I did some digging to get to the truth of this tall, handsome mystery, but all I found was more questions.

I will share this with you. Some have said that the powers he wields, acid, fire and ice, among others, come from an arcane relationship with dragons. Yes, I said dragons, THE most powerful creatures in all the realms. A few have even whispered that it is a specific dragon, an ancient elder wyrm, long dead, but so powerful that it’s spirit reaches from the grave to influence the living. No matter what the source, Kelgrath has a powerful arcane arsenal at the ready.

I’m not sure, yet, what the exact truth is. What I do know, what many have said, is that Kelgrath is a force to be reckoned with in battle. With his morning star swinging, arcane bolts of acid and ice striking down his enemies, Kelgrath has well earned his nickname as the Finisher.


Kelgrath Winterborn

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