Kierra Fletcher

“Hi!” kisses woman on the cheek. “What, you misplaced your bracelet? Let me help you look for it. Oh and your ring too? How strange. I love those earrings you were wearing. Look at the time, have to run..”


As told by the bard, Tamorlin:

When you first see the diminutive, rather fetching half-elf, Kierra Fletcher, you might have the same reaction I did, which was, ‘how can such a pretty, tiny woman be one of the deadliest, not to mention craziest members of the Unstoppable Goblin Stoppers?’ Kierra is Unstoppable’s go to person for reconnaissance, stealth and all things sneaky. That means she is regularly putting herself in dangerous situations where it is just her and her wits. As well as her deadly ability with sword and sling. And she does this without hesitation, with a bravery that would shame most men. In battle, the rogue is truly something to behold. She moves like a dancer, possessing a grace and speed that baffles, confuses and confounds her enemies. Of course, that’s only when she allows herself to be seen. Kierra’s home is the shadows, where she waits to strike with the poise and timing of a master performer. When the moment is right suddenly she is there, using deadly precision to strike a blow so severe it often gives the fighter pause. And with a blink of the eye, she is gone again, back into the shadows, waiting for the next moment to claim the spotlight and steal the show.


Kierra Fletcher

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