Murdoch Bloodstorm

“Guy won’t talk? I have a spell for that.” Staff hits the ground with a crack; guy abruptly catches fire and starts screaming. Murdoch grins at a job well done.


As told by the bard, Tamorlin:

(Loud crack of wood on wood as bard hits floor with wooden quarterstaff) That has been the last sound many creatures intent on evil have heard when facing the Unstoppable Goblin Stoppers. It is the sound of Murdoch Bloodstorm’s staff sundering the earth just before he unleashes a wave of fiery arcane death. The mage is the last member of the Unstoppables, but by no means the least.

When I first saw Murdoch Bloodstorm I couldn’t help but think that there was something a bit off about him, a dangerous air to what otherwise appears to be a scholarly young arcanist. Not to mention the fact that his favored response to a problem is to blow it up, or to otherwise render said obstacle unrecognizable even at close distances.

Then I saw the four orbs branded on the back of his left hand and things started to make a little more sense. See, what many of you probably don’t know is that those four orbs are the symbol of Thay slavers, it’s what they brand you with just before you start your extremely short career in the Thayan “All Volunteer Work Force”. The reason why you probably have never seen this brand before is because few slaves live to tell the tale, even fewer escape and most end up as undead horrors in eternal servitude to Thayan necromancers.

Which makes Bloodstorm something of a rarity. And also explains his destructive love of fire and lack of social skills. Which suits me just fine. I don’t know about you, but when a horrible monster rears its ugly head I’ll take the ill-mannered fireball throwing mage over some peace loving person that wants to ‘talk it out’ all day, every day. I feel, under the right circumstances (staff hits the floor again with a loud crack) that that might be the most comforting sound my ears have ever heard and coming from me, that’s saying something.


Murdoch Bloodstorm

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