Arrows of Shadow

A little of the Shadowfell infused into an arrow

weapon (ranged)

+2 arrows are not really that remarkable. However, these arrows are significant in that they represent a wave of shadow infused magic sweeping the realms since the Spellplague. With the weakening of the barriers to the land of Shadow (the Shadowfell), the land of Fae (Faewild) and the elemental planes (all caused by the death of the goddess of magic, Mystra) there has been a noticeable increase in magical items infused with the aspects of these strange realms.

These arrows have the ability to fly partially through the land of Shadow and in doing so can fly through an enemy (up to gigantic size) to hit a target on the other side. Being unable to view an opponent on the other side of the enemy being shot through has the appropriate negatives (see rules on cover).

An example: the player wants to hit the evil mage on the other side of the dragon, however, the mage is standing next to the main bulk of the dragon’s body and is consequently totally obscured from view. The player would take a appropriate minuses to their role to hit, but would be able to shoot through the dragon.

Similar situation, but instead of a dragon the mage is standing behind a goblin in a narrow corridor. D&D rules say that you cannot shoot through the goblin to hit the mage –you have to strike or otherwise remove the goblin before you can attack the mage. The arrow of shadow would allow you to pass through the goblin’s square and hit the mage. Furthermore, in this instance, there would be no penalty as the mage is clearly visible.


The arrows have wisps of shadow flowing round them, hard to see except in direct light. At times the arrows become translucent, seeming to almost fade from this world. They are cool to the touch. Holding them too long can bring about thoughts of death and despair, feelings directly connected with the land of Shadow –having them safely in a quiver serves as enough barrier from experiencing these feelings.

Arrows of Shadow

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