Knock box

Imaskar Spell book case


A fad among the powerful wizards of Imaskar centuries ago -Knock boxes were designed as an inter-dimensional storage space to hold spell books. One could argue that there is probably an easier way to hold spell books than a 3 foot long, 6 inch wide wooden box (the appr. dimensions of this box), but the point of the knock box was to also serve as a status symbol, the argument being (as it usually is) the bigger the box the more powerful the wizard.

This box can hold roughly 18 spellbooks, 3 wide, 2 tall, 3 deep. It is made of nice woods and is particularly sturdy –almost impossible to ding, does not stay dirty etc. This box, like most Knock boxes has resistances to various magical and natural damage: +4 to saving throws, or a High Difficulty Check depending on the situation. The actual HP’s of the box is known only to the massive powers that move the world.

The box will only open if the right sequence of complicated knocks is made. As far as this box is concerned, any similarity to ‘Shave and a hair cut’ is purely coincidental, and according to Vanilla Ice’s lawyers, the extra beat makes all the difference.


The box was found at the end of the adventure Prey for Smiling Bob. The box contained a letter and several magical items detailed below:

Letter found in knockbox:

To whomever is reading this, it is my fondest wish and deepest desire that you are not somehow affiliated with the creatures that are now, even as I write this, trying to tear down the door that serves as the final barrier between living and a life less certain.

I am Kespar Direwind, mage and journeyman wizard, member of the adventuring company known as the Calamitous Agents of Dissent. It was our goal to shake the very foundations of society and become giants among men. We were going to right all the wrongs, reverse the spell plague and bring back our Lady of Enchantment, Mystra. Alas, poor planning combined with an over-abundance of confidence has led to our current predicament.

I have placed our group’s enchanted items in this box, those that would fit at least. I would be placing a small horde of gems and gold in here as well, but our fighter, Irratis the Brash, was a little uncertain on the true value of an astral diamond. A few bad rolls of the bones later and we had to give a gang of half-orcs everything we had. Add Baldur’s Gate to the list of places CAoD is not welcome.

But that is no longer important. The door is about to go any minute. Delmar is down, I am out of any spells worth a damn, the cleric is having a crisis of faith and the thief, thanks to a nasty ghoul bite, is shedding body chunks at an alarming rate. We are going to give surrender a try.

Please, use these items better than we did.

Delmar Direwind
Mage of CAoD

1) Content of knockbox:
a. Pilgrims robes –magical cloths with divine key word +2 to AC –allows pc to use a daily divine power twice, but it costs an action point
b. 15 +2 arrows of shadow (miss of 7 or more causes them to break), they smoke a little when looked at up close, but not like they are on fire –like wisps of shadow. (arrow allows you to shoot through enemy squares –arrows phase in and out)
c. +1 short sword, luckblade –daily power –reroll 1 miss per day, take better of two
d. Time Link Armor, +1 chainmail, +1 to initiative rolls, can reroll initiative once per day.
e. +1 Cloak of distortion, ranged attacks from more than 5 squares or away take -5 penalty to hit. +1 to Fortitude, Reflex and will roles (not to AC)
f. +1 Lucky Charm, –dragon’s claw. +1 to fortitude, reflex and will as well as skill checks. Daily power –once per day can roll a d6 and add the effects to a roll –any type of roll. The trigger is a failed roll (so you fail, you can then decide to roll d6)
g. Elixir of dragon breath – allows you to breath icy dragon breath -pg 186, adventurer’s vault
h. Elixir of aptitude –for one hour gain +1 power bonus to a skill of your choice -pg 186
i. Desert Rose reagent –using arcane or divine power, allows you to not have to use an action to sustain a power the following round(pg 193)
j. Silver sand – when using a healing power, the target gets 5 additional hit points. 1 use only. (pg 88, adventurer’s vault 2)

Knock box

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