Maglubiyet's contract

Is it a boon or a curse?


Beware, all of goblin kind, the original members of the Everlasting Goblin Stoppers have been marked friends of Maglubiyet. No goblin shall raise a hand to them or in any way cause them harm, no matter the provocation. Any goblin that violates this pact will be called to Grashmog to face Maglubiyet’s wrath. Should the goblin friends, the Everlasting Goblin Stoppers raise a hand or otherwise knowingly cause harm to any goblin kin they will end the friendship and cause this contract to become null and void. Furthermore, cancelling this contract will bring about the immediate and complete wrathful vengeance of the Lord of the Iron Throne, Master of the Killing Cloud, Lord of all goblins and goblin kind,



Maglubiyet's contract

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