Rub the poo

A +5 magic item of godlike power.


Live by the poo die by the poo. Luck is a fickle beast. Refuse to acknowledge it, refuse its existence and your life is in the whimsical hands of the universe and the cruel forces that govern it. However, acknowledge luck, enter it that twisted bargain, in essence.. rub the poo and fortune can be yours! Treasures await, heroic acts previously deemed impossible are now done with ease and suddenly the whole universe can be yours. Until the luck runs out, the dice turn against you and it all comes crashing down. What happened? Maybe in a moment of hubris you forgot to rub the poo. Maybe you didn’t rub it hard enough. Maybe, just maybe you thought it was all a joke and didn’t realize until it was too late that luck doesn’t play around. Rub the poo, don’t rub the poo, from my perspective it’s all a crap shoot no matter what you do.


Once it was food and then it was poo. Although in this case I think once it was a couple of plastic bottles and then was recycled into plastic thread that was shipped to China, melted down, poured into a mold, hand painted by a Chinese worker that makes in a day roughly half what you spend on coffee in a week, blessed by a high priestess of luck and then shipped to a warehouse to be later picked, packed and shipped with love by an overweight teamster named Ched. All hail discordia!

Rub the poo

The Light in the Darkness Brotherlud