Zugzug's Bane

weapon (melee)

The goblin, Zugzug was one of Maglubiyet’s most devoted and skillful followers. At the height of his power, Zugzug had carved out a massive slice of Faerun in an attempt to establish a new kingdom for Maglubiyet. At a critical point, when success was mere moments away, Zugzug miscalculated and screwed it all up. Overcome by his enemies, he died knowing he would have to face Maglubiyet for his failures. Maglubiyet rewarded Zugzug for his military prowess by allowing his soul to live on in an artifact, thus allowing his skills to continue to help goblin-kind. However, for Zugzug’s failure Maglubiyet split his soul into two pieces, one part in a piece of Zugzug’s leg bone, the other in a sharpened piece of arm bone. Maglubiyet allowed Zugzug to feel the effects of his bones being shaped into weapons before he ripped his soul in two and placed half into each bone. It is the general belief of most scholars that this highly unpleasant process explains Zugzug’s nasty disposition, though truth be told he was pretty nasty to begin with, even for a goblin.

The arm and leg bone of the great goblin warrior make up the artifact, Zugszug’s Bane. In non-goblin hands the arm bone is a +1 dagger and the leg is a +1 mace. The items can be useful without invoking the spirit of Zugzug (ex. help raise the Ogre King), but when put together they allow access to the intelligence and power of Zusgzug, the legendary goblin warrior. Only goblins can invoke Zugzug.

The irony is, while the two items together are supposedly powerful, no goblin has never made them work in a beneficial way. Zugszug is very uncooperative.

Goblin Pride keeps goblins trying to make the artifact work. No one has ever been able to actually document what the full effects of the artifact are and remain a mystery to this day.


Zugzug 001!

Zugzug's Bane

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