Allendi and other monks

Abbot Allendi: Medium build, gracious but a little harried, too much to do and not enough time. Remembers the days when he came here to search out Saharel (wistfully, sometimes a little chagrinned)or the days before that when he was a suuccessful baker in Balder’s Gate (some might say the best baker in Baldur’s Gate, beofore his bakery burned down). Keeps a running tally of all the stories of the people Saharel has helped.

The Monastery is staffed by a small group of non-religious brothers and sisters. The organization helps ‘seekers’ -those seeking the aid of Lady Saharel and lives off of donations and by selling the whiskey the distil, the Lady’s Whiskey.

Male ‘brothers’:

Scepter monks2

and the ‘sisters’:

Scepter sisters

Allendi and other monks

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