The Dalelands comprises several forested counties,
called dales, scattered around the perimeter of
the Cormanthor Forest. Although the dales share
common traditions, cultural practices, and religious
allegiances, the Dalelands is not a unified kingdom
like Cormyr or Impiltur. The broad forest vales, separated
by rolling farmlands, are interlinked by narrow
trade roads through lush woods. The dales’ independent
spirit and age-old alliance with the fey of
Cormanthor are well known across most of Faerûn.

Deepingdale: Not much has changed in Deepingdale
over the last century. It continues to prosper,
despite diminished trade through the Eldreth
Veluuthra-controlled Hullack Forest in the west.

Highmoon is Deepingdale’s largest town (8000+) and of course, the place where Brother Hammond and Edward Summeroak met.

Located near Deepingdale is the Shrine of Leganya Farseer, a famous cleric of Amaunator.


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