Edward Summeroak

Edward gains some followers:

As the massive Edward moves through normal society he leaves a wake, those that are either scared of him or admire him for what he is (a half-giant) or what he is becoming (an accomplished fighter and master of the two-handed weapon). Two such men, Elbirt of Daggerford, known as Wolf or Wolf’s Bane and Abgar the Slight have approached Edward and asked him to train them on two-handed weapon use.

The men were appreciative, one going so far as to have his wife fabricate arm bands to show their solidarity among two-handed weapon users and the half-giant hero of Loudwater.
Both Elbirt and Abgar are big men. Elbirt is quiet, hates dogs of every sort, and wants to become a priest of Tempus. He is clean shaven, with blond hair cut short to the scalp (in the same fashion as Tempus Clerics). He enjoys religious conversations and conversations of a historical nature. Wields a two-handed sword and wears leather armor that’s mostly used up and worn. Earned his name when he killed a dire wolf that threatened his family several winters ago, lost half an ear in the process. Married to Orween

Abgar the Slight is a brute of a man, standing 6’5’’ and wields a double bladed axe, wearing ring mail that’s more leather then rings (seen better days). He has thick black hair, mustache and full beard. He is quick to anger, quick to laugh. Likes to bet, wager and pit himself against other men. Would be a bully if a tad meaner, but is too quick to laugh and laugh at himself.

During a flood he rescued several girls from a cellar, but the entrance caved in afterward. The space left for Abgar to squeeze through wasn’t big enough for the little girls (who had already gotten safely away) let alone a giant of a man. Yet, squeeze though he did, earning him his nickname.

The image on the armband:


Edward Summeroak

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