Welcome all to the land of adventure! Our intrepid players, newly minted heroes that they are, have begun to forge their own path during these troublesome times.

These adventures take place in the Forgotten Realms, a land where magic has come unchained, where the forces of good are dwindling, and dark gods battle to carve up the spoils.

Enter our unlikely heroes, the Everlasting Goblin Stoppers. If the name doesn’t fool you, their appearance might. A fat, well past his prime cleric that worships Aumanator (Aumana-who?), an anti-social near-sighted elven ranger, a drunken fighter that spent the last few years winning arm-wrestling contests, a sticky-fingered, former carnie, possible gypsy (not that there is anything wrong with that) thief, a sorcerer that looks like a fighter but hits like a mage, and a mage with a fire fetish and the social skills of a home schooled autistic kid (again, not that there is anything wrong with that). Look up unlikely in the dictionary and you’ll find the Everlasting Goblin Stoppers.

And yet..and yet.. Our adventurers, unlikely or not, are becoming heroes, actual bona-fide heroes. Follow these diamonds in the rough as they shed their humble beginnings, transform into powers to be reckoned with and become a beacon of hope in the vast and evil darkness!

Fantasy art 29

The Light in the Darkness

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