High Shaman Sancossug

Powerful goblin shaman of Maglubiyet, leader of the Bloody Stump tribe


Sancossug is a very powerful (oddly so) goblin. He reeks of the power given to him by his god, Maglubiyet. His exact stats remain a mystery.


Sancossug personal:

High Shaman of Maglubiyet, ruler of the Bloody Stump tribe. Tribe lives on the other side of the Greypeakes, is one of the larger tribes. All the humanoid tribes are being approached by the Netherese –bend your knee or die. At first they would take any magic item as a tax (except consumables), buying a little time. Once you run out of items –it is time to serve directly.

Sancossug is trying to keep his tribe alive and out of Netherese hands. He tried attacking the Shadovar , but they were too powerful. Tried uniting other tribes, a few joined, but most had been weakened by the Shadowvar already.

Sancossug sent agents out to look for options. His ranger, Tarpoo discovered the Barrow of the Ogre King and the goblin artifact Zugzug. Using Zugzug, Sancossug believed he could raise the Ogre King to unite the goblin tribes and fight the Shadovar.

Besides saving his tribe, another driving factor for Sancossug is that Maglubiyet sent him a vision to resist the Shadovar at any cost.

High Shaman Sancossug

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