Evolution of the church

New church vs. old church.

The church of Lathandar was a church of farmers and lawyers, and since lawyers at this time were not typically wealthy, the church was relatively poor and not very powerful. Then Morninglord (once the title for the head of your church) Ignatius Algood made the holy decree that time was a unit of measurement, and thusly Amaunator was the god of measurement. This led to a convergence of time, measurement and law, which then made Amaunator the favored god of merchants. Amaunator was pleased by this development and began allowing his priests the ability to bless merchants in very real and sometimes significant ways. This led to a massive influx of money into church coffers. In addition, a whole new wave of clerics and acolytes joined the church, in part to meet the new demand for clerics, but also because many merchants saw opportunity by having their children and relatives become clergy members.

This eventually led to a division in the church as the old ‘sun worshipers’ were being pushed aside by the ‘money lenders’. New church orders (groups of like-minded clerics) were created, as well as new titles and ranks. When the first pro-merchant cleric became the head of the church, he promptly changed his title from Morninglord to Holy Chancellor, an act that created a great deal of discord. Future attempts were made to unify the church by creating a system of equivalency between the old and new rankings, but this had the opposite effect, deepening the rift. To add to the confusion, what title you adopt is up to you, though there is often pressure to conform to the new status quo, especially if one adopts the older vernacular.

This leads to where we are today.

Evolution of the church

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